The Child With Brilliant with Milk & Cookies in a new photo shoot for the fall / winter 2019 season featuring a portion of the adult collection created with special collaboration.

One of the most environmentally friendly options is to work with recycled fabrics, dead crudes or recycled fabrics. This fall / summer season, Milk & Biscuits has partnered with one of the most beautiful and unique women’s fashion brands in Chinese fashion, Ms Min, to use their dead fabrics to create a limited-edition line of their own. autumn-winter collection.

Kate, the founder, said, “With a common vision, creating more sustainable designs and producing something sustainable and good is the best thing any designer can do. If every piece we create can be made with a clear mind, it will save a lot of waste. If we can do less and better, then each piece is worth more. ”

The shoot was produced in Barcelona by the photographer Anouk Nitsche, then styled and produced by Mafer Navas of Fantastic Mr Nilsson.